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Appointments and Cancellations

All appointment times will be made as soon as scheduling time permits. However, if your GP has indicated that your condition is urgent, please inform Dr Wilson-Boyd’s secretary when making your appointment.

Sometimes it may be necessary to change the time of your appointment if, for example Dr Wilson-Boyd has had to undertake an emergency operation, in which case routine appointments may have to be rescheduled. Therefore, it is important that you leave your home, work and mobile telephone numbers with Dr Wilson-Boyd’s secretary.

For various reasons, it may happen that Dr Wilson-Boyd is running late at the time of your appointment. We sincerely apologise for this and will do our best to minimise any delays. It is practice policy that no patient is disadvantaged in an effort to catch up.

If you have any queries in relation to your appointment, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Wilson-Boyd’s secretary prior to the time of your visit.

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On the day

Please check to ensure that you know where to attend your appointment. You may wish to call and check that the clinic is running to schedule.

Please Bring With You:

  • Your letter of referral
  • Any recent x-rays, ultrasound films, hearing tests.
  • Your Medicare card, private health fund card and any other relevant information

If you are unable to keep you appointment please contact Dr Wilson-Boyd’s secretary as soon as possible to arrange an alternative time.

Hospital Procedures
Dr Wilson-Boyd performs his private operative procedures at the Wesley Hospital, Auchenflower and North West Private Hospital, Everton Park.

Any patient admitted to hospital is responsible for the payment of fees accrued.

New Patients
New patients are asked to complete a Patient Information form.
You can do this online (
 click here ) or when you arrive at the practice.

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