Dr. Brian Wilson-Boyd

Ear, Nose, Throat, Head, Neck Surgeon

Committed to improving patient outcomes through continuous professional development

Dr Brian Wilson-Boyd delivers the best possible medical care and expert knowledge to improve his patient’s quality of life.

Brian is concerned about patient outcomes and is committed to continued professional education to provide the most current specialist knowledge and patient care.

The consulting rooms are easily accessible and located to take advantage of the state of the art facilities and professional care provided by The Wesley Hospital and The North West Private Hospital. Empathetic staff are available to discuss your appointment requirements and concerns.

Affiliations with the RBWH, and the Lady Cilento Hospital allow access to expertise from a wide range of disciplines for difficult conditions. Dr Wilson-Boyd provides intermediate care for patients at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Dr Wilson-Boyd is always available for queries from his patients, their family and their doctors. He aims to provide his patients and their referring General Practitioners with comprehensive solutions within a mutually acceptable time frame. Dr Wilson-Boyd’s team are instructed to ensure all urgent referrals are seen as required.

Paediatric Otolaryngology Brisbane

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